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Chosen by the Guardian as one of 2014's best nature books



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"This most extraordinary Englishman who treasured the beauty and innocence of birds while the world around him descended into hell"  

from a review on Amazon.com 


"utterly charming book"

Bird Forum


"You have to look to small publishers for this sort of quality. And Collingwood... what a guy"



"Sensitive pencil sketches clearly drawn from life and demonstrating great skill"

Kent Ornithological Society


"Fascinating .....these diaries bring to life the daily challenges of wartime life contrasted against a backdrop of nature"

British Birds


 "an excellent field ornithologist, he was an accomplished artist and his diary is full of fascinating pencil drawings"

 British Trust for Ornithology



Young stonechats, 5 July 1917 St Omer




And an article in the Christmas 2016 number of The Field begins



"How much do any of us know about the First World War? Survivors of our bloodiest of conflicts seldom spoke about their experiences, even to those closest to them, and it is impossible to imagine that life on the Western Front was anything other than four years of hell. It certainly was for most soldiers but there were a few who still found beauty and inspiration in their surroundings, despite the horrors of death and destruction. Collingwood Ingram was one such man and his fascinating First World War leather-bound diaries provide a whole new insight into that most dreadful of wars."


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