1896 Diary, aged 15-16

His diary finds him often out alone in the countryside of Thanet



25 May, Again I went to Quex and found a nightingale's nest, the first one I have ever found. It was in the 'Boat Clump', Quex Park, and contained four of the darkest eggs I have ever seen. It was about six inches from the ground and built of dead grass and a few yellow oak leaves, and lined with black hair.


But nesting birds took up only part of the year and he went north with his father for the Glorious 12th.



 12 August, The morning of the 12th was not altogether a nice morning. On the hills behind, dull, dirty grey clouds moved lazily along with a fair south-westerly wind. In front it looked brighter nearer and a few patches of sunlit meadows showed there was a break or two in the heavy leaden sky. At nine o'clock we were started, each of us on a Westmoreland pony, and in less than an hour each in his butt at the New Drive. Bang! Bang!! went some guns from over the hill and presently down swept a covey of seven or eight grouse coming straight towards me. I got my first 'Right and Left', one in front and one behind. Altogether I killed 15 birds, total 240.

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